Drum Lessons


Pro Drum lessons: NE Atlanta area

Pro Drum lessons: NE Atlanta area

I have been playing and performing since 1983. I have graduated from a local music school and have two masters degrees.

You will find my available hours here: Current schedule
An example of hard work and where my lessons can take you.
Frank – a relatively new and ambitious student. He Learned this song in under 2 months after only 16 weeks of total training on the kit. He began knowing nothing.
He site-read this into memory.

The following information concerns Private drum lessons, not affiliated with any music store or separate organization.

Teaching (2)

Teaching (2)


I am available for drum lessons for ages 8-up, generally, unless your child has already developed an exceptional aptitude at an early age.
I will insist that the student learn to read music (drum) if s/he has not already done so, as this is vital to growth on an instrument.

What will be taught?
See the Drum Student Syllabus and my Musika page for more information.

That depends upon the level of the student. Advanced drummers who can read well will require stylistic, technique and “how-to” sessions more often than book-related studies.
Beginners will require work in a variety of books that I will insist upon for the student to develop his or her stamina, technique, relaxation and approach to the drum set.
The student will learn a lot and enjoy it, and will reach whatever level of performance s/he is seeking, using my process.

I highly recommend taking lessons in my studio.

My teaching and gigging schedule will dictate my availability, but generally, working hours are available.

Lessons are provided in the comfort of an in-home studio, isolated from outside noise and interference with plenty of sunlight and access.
The studio has a full sound system for the students to practice to music, and two drum kits for interactive instruction.
It has two drumsets and a very high-quality sound system intended for working with students, plus a video and recording studio for recording students’ progress when necessary.

How much?
Payment is due in advance by the month. Arrangements can be made to accommodate a sporadic schedule, or for times when a lesson must be cancelled. The advance is non-refundable.

Because of nasty people who have no sense of what is right and wrong, who would injure me or my business from ads on Craigslist, I adhere to the following rules and expect you to also.

  1. You do not set the conditions of the lesson. I must do that.
  2. I only accept cash
  3. I do not run a daycare facility. If the student is a child, you MUST either wait inside or in your vehicle outside for your student. And you must be a legal guardian of the student.
  4. I only do business over the phone
  5. I must know who I’m teaching. I will ask for your ID to verify you are who you say you are.

Obviously, the more time I spend with the student per lesson, the less the cost. The reason for this is the amount of preparation or travel needed for teaching.

Most common is a 1-hr lesson in studio.

Less common is a 30 minute lesson.
I can also split up lessons. For instance, a 1 hour lesson every two weeks instead of 30 minutes a week, which will save you money, and myself the effort, and is usually a better quality of student-teacher time.


  1. $25 for 30 min
  2. $32 for 45 min
  3. $40 for 60 min
    Travel (within 45 minutes distance):

  1. $30 for 30 min
  2. $35 for 45 min
  3. $50 for 60 min